Moving includes many factors, which are individually adaptable. Living outside the city does not prevent you from spending every afternoon, if you wish.

Define your priorities, to better find a property that suits you

If you are thinking of moving to a new apartment or want to buy a house, it is important to know what you want to do in your life. It may seem obvious, but these priorities will define the type of good in which you will feel the best. Some people only feel good in the countryside, while others would never imagine living outside a city center because they need a constantly changing lifestyle. Your priorities will influence whether you think it’s more appropriate to buy a house or if a simple lease seems more appropriate. Those wishing to settle with a family may prefer a purchase, while those in training will usually choose the lease. However, these differences may not be so marked. Country life can be close to town, and city dwellers may like to retire. A real estate purchase can also be a means of renting the property in question at a later date to buy another and thus generate a profitable profit in the long term. It should not be believed that a particular choice implies a complete obstruction.

To settle in the city, a historical determinism?

The reflex of people moving into the city has its origins in the development of nineteenth-century industrialization in Europe. A phenomenon peculiar to this period has developed that is called “rural exodus” and that has pushed a majority of rural inhabitants to move to the city to find work. Nevertheless, this trend of an all-technological irrationality resulted in the emergence of a housing crisis and the creation of ghettos in some less privileged neighborhoods. But this saturation of the urban fabric is not only problematic at the urban level, it also has its perverse effects on everyone’s health. The counter-reaction was therefore for those in search of tranquility to move out of the city and return to the countryside, to feel again the organic respiration of nature. This has created a new trend that allows rural communities to repopulate and benefit from new architectural projects.

The advantages of the Swiss countryside

Living in the countryside will allow you to be in harmony with nature. The French-speaking Swiss countryside is one of the most tranquil places in the world, enough to give you the means to feel good. The tendency to reduce country homes to traditional families remains highly reductive. Each type of housing can be considered in reality in a close to nature. The campaign has become a place where corporate bosses or celebrities like to take a break from constant solicitations.

Urban real estate: the embarrassment of choice

Swiss cities do not correspond as much to the post-modern cliché of urbanization. The presence of the Alps or Lake Geneva gives a natural setting to Swiss cities, which makes them more pleasant. Cities offer their own detours to offer tranquility to their inhabitants. The development of the current real estate market is trying to find today this balance, between the dynamism of the cities and the calm of the campaign, without having necessarily to be limited to only one of these choices.