L3 Properties | International Realty Sàrl is a “tailor-made” real estate agency specializing in the sale of properties in La Côte, Lausanne & Lavaux / Riviera.

We distinguish ourselves by our personalized service, innovative and efficient, while taking into account the current market dynamics.

What types of real estate?

Mainly residential properties: apartments, villas, buildings and land.

Membre de l’association suisse de l’économie immobilière
Membre de l’association suisse de l’économie immobilière

Who are our customers ?

Our clientele is both local and international.
Our services are aimed at first-time buyers, families and investors alike.

Thanks to our network of partners and all our professional and private relations, we are constantly creating serious and lasting relationships.


Real estate is accessible to all when well advised.

The advantages L3 Properties


Market knowledge

Listening & advice

and transparency

Availability and responsiveness

Network and partners

Our tailor-made services

  • Personalized advice and assistance for acquisition or sale
  • Estimation of the real estate
  • Commercial strategy
  • HD Marketing
  • Broad and proactive marketing
  • Managing a large customer file
  • Wide network of partners (banking, legal, architects etc)
  • Availability and maximum flexibility for our customers
  • Adapted solutions and recommendations for financing
  • Follow-up and accompaniment until the signing of sale at the notary

Our partners

Plus SA

Mortgage Advice Firm

DL MoneyPark

Real estate finance advice


Architect's Office, Construction, Transformation & Renovation

Fabiofuriani Architecte

Architect & interior designer

Cougar Group

Real Estate Development, Promotion & Construction

B & T Relocation

Relocation Agency VD

Geneva relocation

Relocation Agency GE


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