In Switzerland, opinions differ and questions arise about the benefits of buying one’s main home rather than renting it. Indeed, many tenants wonder if it was not more profitable to become an owner. It should be noted that being a homeowner has several repercussions, hence the importance of weighing the pros and cons.

Are you ready for a real estate purchase?

Before acquiring a property, you must know that being a tenant brings benefits in the field of mobility. Faced with a new job abroad or future prospects, tenants have the power to rent an apartment or a house at any location. This mobility remains difficult to obtain if one becomes the owner of one’s own home.

By aptitude, one must also ask if we will need space in the future. Answering these questions will help you determine if you want to own a property.

Financial stability

Before you buy a house or apartment, you will need to know the amount to pay for any property. The technique is to avoid going to the extreme of your financial limits.

If you have the initiative to apply for a mortgage loan, you will be forced to provide equity up to 20%. To buy, you must be able to build this type of deposits with depreciation, mortgage debts, ancillary costs and maintenance costs.

Know your needs

In order to determine the house of your dreams, it is important to know the needs. To do this, you must express your wishes in the most frank manner possible, without being influenced by friends. The first thing to do is to define the type of property that meets your expectations, be it a double house, a storey building or a family villa.

These properties are different, especially in terms of price, advantages and disadvantages. Thus, the determination of the type of dwelling is necessary when one wants to buy a property. In contrast to this procedure, the rental only requires the choice of the house or apartment.

In general, the trend of the home remains the vast plans for the living room and the dining room. Often, large rooms are not very useful for a new home. The first concern also lies in the disadvantage of the child’s room. This room is too small while children need space compared to adults.

Know how to study the real estate market

To promote the acquisition of a property, it is important to study real estate listings. These ads play a vital role in the orientation of buyers and help to find a house or apartment to rent or buy.

With the advancement of technology, real estate agencies are offering an online guided tour for prospective buyers. During the visits, you will only have to mark the important points of the accommodation. Following this study, you must take into account the different requirements that habitat must meet before acquisition. One of the important points is the detection of hidden defects in the future housing.